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I would still suggest that the image you projected matches closely to a rather nasty stereotype. And given your not insignificant skill with words, seemed to be an attempted button jabbing exercise. Are you really suggesting that anyone "self defines" themselves as a "rabid atheist"? If not, then the question was very much of category of "have you stopped beating your wife yet?"

I would suggest that proselytizers of the religious persuasion are far more likely to be "rabid" than the atheists. And that atheists in the United States tend to be far more "rabid" than in the rest of the world where the attitude towards religion tends to be more one of "who cares". Do you think it is some aspect of the American environment that we are seeing at work, something in the air, so to speak; or more like self-defense?


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> >Do you really imagine that all atheists are "rabid"? Or that your
> >characterization of atheists as rabid is not offensive? Or
> that the use of
> >"rabid" and "atheists" in close coupling proves the
> "goodness" of your grasp
> >of group dynamics?
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> >TheHermit (Slowly shaking his head)
> No, I was asking all self-defined "rabid athiests" to
> identify themselves.
> Are you raising your hand, or not?
> Reed
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