Re: virus: materialism and other worldviews

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Fri, 19 Feb 1999 07:46:33 -0700

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From: Robin Faichney <> Date: Friday, February 19, 1999 8:02 AM

>>I'll accept that. So can an "emergent materialist" operate as
>>a social animal with one worldview?
>Sorry, I don't go for "emergent materialism". As far as I
>know, it talks about self-awareness in terms of feedback
>and recursion, but fails to account for simple awareness.
>There is not, and I say cannot be, a materialist explanation
>of that, so if a materialist believes in it, they're being

OK. What do you call the philosophical position that accounts for consciousness and is inconsistent with materialism?

Could there be a synthesis of the 2 currently inconsistent worldviews into one? For example, one that posits that only information and/or patterns are "real"?

>>Two distinctly different models of human personalities, but
>>not inconsistent. One worldview or two?

OK. What if all "real" worldviews (belief systems of real people) are inconsistent? I'm assuming that is a plausible assertion. If so, consistency may not be the best way distinguish.