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I am an Atheist - amongst many other things. Most of which are far more important to myself and to others than atheism. In fact, it is only when confronting the idiocy of "believers" in whatever form it takes, from the concept of there being "real" gods, to the facile belief in the inapplicability or illegitimacy of the reason they have to use in an attempt to explain why reason is not appropriate to something, that my atheism becomes slightly more visible than usual to myself or to others. Most atheists I know are not prosletyzers - and most can't even really agree on what atheism means. This does not prevent them from getting on perfectly well with their neighbours despite the alleged lack of social skills which some of the "true believers" claim characterizes rationalists.

I know that the use of idiocy above is offensive. It was intended to be. I will defend it on the grounds that it is both apt and beautifully rational. Using game theory and the same sequence as the prisoners dilemma, where one of the best possible strategies is to begin by co-operating and continue with a tit-for-tat sequence. Why some people here imagine that this is irrational or even transrational escapes me.

Do you really imagine that all atheists are "rabid"? Or that your characterization of atheists as rabid is not offensive? Or that the use of "rabid" and "atheists" in close coupling proves the "goodness" of your grasp of group dynamics?

TheHermit (Slowly shaking his head)

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> But, maybe I've misinterpreted you all? Will all the rabid
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