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If faith were a system (like a neuron firing)*:

This linear development assumes that objects can be encoded into symbols through a deliberate (mentalistic) reversal of what is historically established (this would be a form of "skepticism", where what is presented as true is summarily negated and then [usually] objectified to be resolved by chance through mere correlation of observed effect).

  1. subjectivity (assumed: an active subject)
  2. objectification (a passive object)
  3. will (objectified subjugation)
  4. voluntarism (subjectified objection)
  5. BELIEF (activated passion)
  6. desire (passionate activity)
  7. excitation (action potential)
  8. release (potentiated action, discharge)
  9. reaction (re-activation, charge)

*though NOTE I have discussed *belief* (a different word from *faith* which is not a *system*-- systems resolve to two or more objects such that the co-dependent action is reified, or treated LIKE an object-- faith resolves to a singularity and the necessary characteristics of objective reality).

Faith (this part is only a rough revamping of the above to show an absence of the reversal suggested so far):

  1. objectivity (given: an active object... existence)
  2. consciousness (a passive observer... being)
  3. self-consciousness (objective properties are internalized by the observer [through "incarnation" and "manifestation" as in a "world-soul"] with active purpose or necessity... Being)
  4. validity (the singular purpose of the [eternal] object seeks fulfilment in a non-contradictory fashion such that a linear development is established through necessity which is self-confirmed as a cause in its specific effect... reason, reasoning).
  5. verification (cause and effect are resolved through objectivity to overcome the entropy suggested by #2's passivity and to iterate #3 whereby one remains "actively" non-negated in one's original existence... rationing, rationality).
  6. action (["nuclear" reaction] excitation creates a chain reaction which complexifies basic existence releasing energy through efficient reorganization)
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Subject: Re: virus: Re: Thinking clearly about faith Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 20:18:27 -0800

Jake wrote:

>I am here for intelligent discussion.

That's great! So'm I.

>Any time he wants to actually discuss faith in a conceptual/cultural
>I am more than ready and capable to cut the crap. Assuming that I am
>around to do so.

I've tried to bring up the subject of the bio-chemical processes that might
lead to religous experience in the brain, and I've questioned their role in
the creation of culture twice now recently, but no one was interested in responding. Pot-shots, however, always prompt a quick reply.

If you look at this list as a dynamic system and replies as part of the feedback loop, which technique would you adopt to best effect the system?
And why?

-Prof. Tim

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