virus: Take off the masks

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>Date: Wed, 17 Feb 1999 14:45:32 EST
>Subject: virus: Logic Nazi
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><< You're welcome to play semantic games. >>
>That is one possibility (that I am playing semantic games). Can you think of

That you are parroting with derision but without understanding.

[I'm clipping the center of the converse becuase it's got too abstract]

>>Everybody's faith is generally going to be compatible with THEIR reason.
>>point that makes it faith and thus irrational, is that they do not hold their
>>articles of faith in principle (or in practice either) open to rational
>>criticism. Not that they don't hold anything open to rational criticism.
>I'll fiat. So what? What is wrong with that?
>>From my perspective? It's not horrendous, but it is unecessarily limiting. I
>do not place limits on what I expect to understand about the universe, nor do
>I cop out to delusions. Some people feel more comfortable if they do.

Well, that at least is getting somewhere. Faith is something you feel that you can live without, but it's OK for others? I think you're being disingenious. You think there is something wrong faith, or you wouldn't be so adverse to it. Going to school, holding down a job, being rational...all of these things
are both limiting and a sense. Unnecessary to what, though? What is the purpose? You have to know what you goals are before you can determine what the necessary and sufficient conditions for fulfilment are.

>BTW, this new aol name "LogicNazi" was created in response to you
>and Brodie. Its a toungue-in-cheek. Thanks for the inspiration.

I don't mean any offense, but I find that handle quite disgusting. Please don't mention my name in connection with it again. It strikes me as a particularly ritualistic you are covering yourself in warpaints? I understand why you might wish to call on the spirit of logic to defend you...but what can Nazi's offer?

As Yoda says: "Fear, hatred, aggression, these lead to the darkside".

Think, for a moment, of the symbolism Jake. You have changed yourself from a "MemeLab" to a "LogicNazi". Is that a movement towards reason? towards goodness? I think you will agree it isn't.

What are you without <reason>? I think you are still Jake. No one here is trying to hurt you. Take off the masks.


  Reed Konsler