RE: virus: Take off the masks

Sodom (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 12:49:53 -0500

Well, that at least is getting somewhere. Faith is something you feel that you
can live without, but it's OK for others? I think you're being disingenious.
You think there is something wrong faith, or you wouldn't be so adverse to it. Going to school, holding down a job, being rational...all of these things
are both limiting and a sense. Unnecessary to what, though?
What is the purpose? You have to know what you goals are before you can determine what the necessary and sufficient conditions for fulfilment are.

So then, what if a part of the decision making regarding goals is dependent upon the conditions for fulfillment. Its just too simplistic stated in this "before and after" viewpoint. An example: Goal - To rule the world

I would love to rule the world as absolute dictator. But for me to do so, I would necessarily need to have some people "put down" to achieve these goals. I don't choose this goal then because of the conditions for fulfilment. There are many many times when the "real goal" is the quest - not the end product. Sports is a good example too - The goal may be to win the title, but in reality it is the quest that people play for - not the goal.

>BTW, this new aol name "LogicNazi" was created in response to you
>and Brodie. Its a toungue-in-cheek. Thanks for the inspiration.

I don't mean any offense, but I find that handle quite disgusting. Please don't mention my name in connection with it again. It strikes me as a particularly ritualistic you are covering yourself in warpaints? I understand why you might wish to call on the spirit of logic to defend you...but what can Nazi's offer?

It may be ritualistic - but the connotation is excellent. The NAZI's had a lot to offer (I don't mean the skin head type NAZI) I mean the NAZI's that turned a poor - war torn country into a world dominating power in a very short time. There is much to learn there. Even though I hate what was the NAZIs emotionally, and lost many a relative (I could never have known them to be honest). The connotation of "logicnazi": someone who would persecute others for their lack of reasoning ability is indeed a good one. The word gets the point across nicely.

As Yoda says: "Fear, hatred, aggression, these lead to the darkside".

Actually - Yoda was created by a philosophically challenged person. It should have been - Fear leads to hatred and aggression, which is the darkside.

Think, for a moment, of the symbolism Jake. You have changed yourself from a "MemeLab" to a "LogicNazi". Is that a movement towards reason? towards goodness? I think you will agree it isn't.

If the name was logicxtian - you would not take offence, yet the Xtians are directly responsible for more genocide, oppression and murder, than the Nazi's ever accomplished. So this is not about good or bad - it's about your taste for the word. I don't think anyone takes the name seriously, and I suspect that it is here only for the impact. If I guess right, Jake has no intention of using the handle for more than a short time.

What are you without <reason>? I think you are still Jake. No one here is trying to hurt you. Take off the masks.

Well said here.
Bill Roh