Re: rear: virus: Levels

Eric Boyd (
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 21:38:38 -0500


From: Richard Brodie <>

>Eric is making a lot of assumptions:
><<Not discarded, as much as noted that if your advice to avoid this
>strategy is not being followed even by the giver, it's probably not
>good advice... and thus I hardly feel the inclination to follow
>Wow. There's a lot of worldview collapsed in that sentence.
>Are you saying that
>1) I advise people never to distinguish and discard ideas?

Well, you do tell people in your book that distinguish and discard is a level 2 strategy that "does not work at level 3", whatever that means...

>2) I habitually distinguish and discard ideas to my detriment?

I didn't say to your detriment, but I certainly have seen you discard many ideas by the simple expident of declaring they are "level 2", (the ultimate distinguish and discard move...)

>3) The way to determine whether advice is good is whether
>the giver is following his own advice?

It is one possible way. Perhaps not the best. It is, however, hard to believe hypocrites; even if they do mean well. I think we both agree that distinguish and discard is quite useful. Why do you state otherwise in your book?