RE: rear: virus: Levels

Richard Brodie (
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 16:57:40 -0800

Eric is making a lot of assumptions:

<<Not discarded, as much as noted that if your advice to avoid this
strategy is not being followed even by the giver, it's probably not good advice... and thus I hardly feel the inclination to follow it...>>

Wow. There's a lot of worldview collapsed in that sentence. Are you saying that

1) I advise people never to distinguish and discard ideas?
2) I habitually distinguish and discard ideas to my detriment?
3) The way to determine whether advice is good is whether the giver is
following his own advice?

I would question all of those assumptions seriously.

<<If I didn't distinguish and discard some things, I'd quickly have way
to much to do.>>

So true. That is why clarity of purpose is so important.

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