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Tue, 16 Feb 1999 09:26:26 EST

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>That's all anybody can hold, if by "holding" you mean to operate on. I can
>understand many different worldviews, but I cannot function on the basis of
>ones that are incompatible with the one that I operate on.

How many OS do you have on your computer? How many _could_ you have (with enough hard drive space)? And could there be valid reasons to keep more than one on your drive or to switch between them as needed? What would those reasons be?

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Computer analogies, while useful, can be taken too far. The OS on my computer, even if I change it, is still serving one purpose, my own. As I mentioned, I am capable of understanding other conflicting world views, and when necessary "functioning" within them, but even in so doing I am still serving the purposes of my own world view.

There still has to be a greater context within which "switching" decisions are made, even if that context is not programmed into the computer.