Re: virus: Re: Thinking clearly about faith

Tim Rhodes (
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 12:00:07 -0800

Jake wrote:

>Before I ran into you on this list, I had entertained the idea that you
>smarter than this. But you're just flat-ass wrong about these things.
>anticipation of an appearance on Oprah, quite a faith monger herself, has
>weakened your rational immune system to these ideas. BTW, congratulations!
>Even if you aren't the smartest cookie, you are a celebrity, and probably
>pretty smart as celebrities go. I don't know if I would sacrifice IQ
>for celebrity, but it would be tempting.

Is it just my imagination, or do many of the self-proclamed rationalists on this list show a distinct lack of interpersonal skills? Wouldn't it seem rational to work on those if your goal in writing is communication?

-Prof. Tim