Re: virus: Are we the gods of Nature?

Tim Rhodes (
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 12:45:21 -0800

Bob G. wrote:

>I guess what I am getting at is that regardless of the attempt
>to deny God (I’m atheistic, by the way) and to deny
>purpose to the universe, we as humans STILL have a
>hidden purpose and value system IN OUR MINDS and it is
>constantly expressing it self (although with great subtlety).
>I think there is an empirical basis to ascribe purpose to the

Without further elaberation I can't be sure what you mean by that last sentence. It sounds to me like you're trying to claim an empirical basis for the human need for purpose. I can't tell whether you mean a real basis for the human need (which I would agre with) or the purpose (which would sound like more of a justification than anything else.)

>I think there is a basis for "absolute" values in the universe.

Again, I'm unclear what that means.

>Again...this statement imposes the value system that "to
>exist" is somehow *better* than being "extinct"…I mean
>do you want a stegosaurus living in your back yard?

I want _me_ living in my back yard.

>…according to your value system the dinosaurs should still
>be here…for "to be" is better that "not to be".

If you could somehow survey dinosaurs, I am sure they would confirm that, /for them/, "to be" is better that "not to be". Again:

>>Enlightened self-interest.

And BTW, your current assessment of my value system is incorrect.

-Prof. Tim