Re: virus: Re: Thinking clearly about faith
Fri, 12 Feb 1999 07:35:52 EST

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<< That actually sounds the same as "I'm wrong."

Come on, you're smart enough to think of at least three other possibilities.

It may sound the same as "you are wrong", but I assure you that it isn't. "You are wrong" can also include the possibility that you do have a clear conception of what faith is, and that you are mistaken about people actually having faith, even though they are telling you that they do not.

Another possibility is that you are just being perverse. You know better but you just won't say so, prefering or attempting to maintain some continual state of confusion in the people that you talk to about these things.

Another possibility, and a very relevant one to bring up after your second post that does not actually address the issue, is that you are being evasive. I actually wrote something of substance back there that you COULD be addressing, instead of asking me to guess at you odd motivations and mental states.