Re: virus: Bloom, Brodie & Communism

Tim Rhodes (
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 00:04:57 -0800

Bobby G. writes:

>Similarly with Bloom....if the "Lucifer Principle" is really a
>principle...then there is NO hope or guarantee that we can overcome
>such a principle.
>In fact we should not even try to overcome this nature...we should
>just allow Mother Nature and evolution take their natural course.

And we should also allow rivers to take their natural courses. But we've found great utility in denying them that, for both agriculture and hydroelectric power. Selfish motives of a selfish species. (Just like every other species on the planet, I might add.)

>My question is this: How can Brodie and Bloom assert Evolution,
>Natural Selection et al as the natural order of things, YET advocate
>natural order?

If CONSCIOUS ACTIVITY in our own self-interest is not a part of "the natural order of things," where did it come from? God perhaps?

>Isnít that a contradiction?

-Prof. Tim