virus: Bloom, Brodie & Communism

Robert Gordon (
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 10:29:41 PST

Bloom, Brodie & Communism

In the book "the Lucifer Principle" Howard Bloom is offering the notion that humans are COMPELLED to coalesce into superorganism and "fight to the death". He seems to say that this is part of our inherent nature.

BUT then he says at the end of his book that our "mission" is to OVERCOME this inherent nature.

It seems strange to me that (if Blooms analysis is accurate) that we humans should both possess the desire to destroy each other and the desire to overcome this destructive tendency.

It seems as if there is a war going on in our mind...two contradictory desires....two contradictory purposes.

Is this the whole notion of evolutionism? That humans are developing towards an "ideal" existence and that our present battles, wars and fighting are just means to a "utopian" end. And after having achieved this end...we no longer have the desire to fight and destroy each other?

Isn't this the same kind of thinking as the Marxist? That conflict (the dialectic) is the driving force of history and it's goal is the communist
state where there will be no more fighting?

But just like with communism...what's to say that after attaining the communist state that the dialectic (urge for conflict) will subside...according to the theory, if dialectics is a law…the fighting should NOT stop.

Similarly with Bloom....if the "Lucifer Principle" is really a principle...then there is NO hope or guarantee that we can overcome such a principle.

In fact we should not even try to overcome this nature...we should just allow Mother Nature and evolution take their natural course.

Why try and interfere with it?

Brodie also seems to say a similar thing in his book ("Virus of the Mind)....

...the notion that we are the "victim" of our memes, BUT we can take charge and overcome this inborn fact we SHOULD overcome and subjugate our memes.

My question is this: How can Brodie and Bloom assert Evolution, Natural Selection et al as the natural order of things, YET advocate that we ACTIVLY AND CONSCIOUSLY GO *AGAINST* this natural order?

Isn’t that a contradiction?

Bobby G

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