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>Those states can be induced by ingestion of chemicals.

Yes, I'm well aware of that. I'd recommend N,N-dimethyl-tryptamine (DMT) for someone seeking firsthand experience. Consult the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies ( for the latest research being conducted in this field by a very few scientists who have managed to finagle FDA and DEA approval of their clinical research.

>Then it follows that when, for some unknown (or known)reason, chemicals
>that reside in the brain are released and combine, we get the said states.

Yes. And for chemicals introduced from outside, this is often because they have a similar chemical structure to a given set of neuro-transmitters. (As with DMT, which is present in small quantities in everyones brain at any given time.) The question becomes, What receptor sites do these chemicals trigger? And what role does their triggering play in the survival of the human organism?

My original comments were directed to the second question, primarily.

>Imagination is then used to interpret the states...put them into a visual
>context. One can believe these interpretations to represent or
>misrepresent reality.

True enough. But the interesting thing to me about these subjective states is that whether one chooses to "believe" the intuitional revelations that come with them or not, the actual physical states exist and can be reproduced clinically. I think it begs the question, What value do/did these states have in the evolution of the species?

The error one makes in dismissing such states as simply chemical reactions or acts of imagination is on par with neglecting the role of the orgasm in the human reproductive cycle.

>Make sense?

Much more. If I may ask, are you still on the Church of Virus mailing list? If so, would you be adverse to taking this conversation back onto the list?



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