Re: virus: The Game called Life (what if?)

Craig Dolan-Betney (
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 19:55:14 +0000

But each move in the games they would play would take so much longer than we can comprehend.

Tell me:

Why do you think the dinosaurs died out?

(don't take me too seriously (or you'll never catch my memes))

Robert Gordon wrote:

> Craig wrote:
> >What if? :
> >
> >The paradigm shift into meme awareness we are about to witness
> >will be the catalyst that unites the multiple personalities of man into
> >the mind of a superbeing called Earth.
> Yes…this is a possibility, but according to the theory…there will be
> other "superbeings" out there waiting to compete with us, destroy us
> and absorb us.
> Do you think we are "all alone" in this universe?
> That there are no other "superorganisms" out there…cosmic
> barbarians at our solar system’s gate?
> Bobby G
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