virus: Evidence vs. hearsay

Wade T.Smith (
Wed, 10 Feb 1999 13:25:45 -0500

>Your brain
>doesn't know the difference, at some level, between a real memory and a fake
>one. This technique works very well.

Well, so far, at least in my life's experiences, I cannot agree with this.

In that I mean I have never been given a vicarious experience sufficient to supply a living memory, or knowledge, about a thing or a feeling. I have to be burnt to _know_ something is hot.

So, what _is_ this 'technique' of which you speak, and of which I have no personal appreciation or knowledge, cannot practice, and have not been subjected to? (Or at the very least, have no memory of and cannot draw from?)

And why do you think it works very well? Compared to what?

If something has an analog with my own experiences, I know it. Otherwise, it's just a story, and I forget it, or keep it in storage waiting for comfirmation. But the confirmation must be a feeling that is within me.

Now, I'll admit right up front that I am, in perhaps all ways, saying that I don't get it.

Wade T. Smith