Re: virus: Reality (ref's to "truth at all costs" + "GBoA"

Craig Dolan-Betney (
Tue, 09 Feb 1999 15:22:53 +0000

You've planted the bait, how do I see the complex, so that I may see if I can catch, isolate, evaluate and possibly integrate it? (or at least see if my memes will let me)

(I hope this isn't a book marketing campaign)


Richard Brodie wrote:

> Man, another Level-3er joining the list. Is this snowballing or what?
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> Subject: virus: Reality (ref's to "truth at all costs" + "GBoA"
> Please be patient as this is my first time.
> It seems to me that everyone has their own concept of reality (their
> meme set), and most if not all want to believe this to be closer to the
> absolute reality (the truth) than anybody else's. I find myself enjoying
> CoV because it's members are people who have embraced this concept (or
> meme complex) into their own meme set and therefor are willing to learn
> other peoples memes if this brings them closer to the truth.
> The problem everyone faces is how to be objective with their meme set
> since it is the mechanism through which we try to be objective, i.e..
> how to think about a meme without the memes that are active within that
> area of your meme set affecting you.
> Any "bible" is presented to its users as an ideal model for their meme
> set (it's memes claim to represent "the truth"). If CoV was to produce a
> "bible" I would insist on being open for peer review and any publishing
> being version numbered to emphasize the point that "the truth" is not
> yet known (and may never be) though we try to get closer with each
> evolution in our thinking.
> from Craig
> You cannot learn the truth without unlearning the untruth
> If you believe you know the truth, I don't trust you, you would have to
> know everything.
> If you think you may know some of the truth I'm willing to reason with
> you.