RE: virus: Reality (ref's to "truth at all costs" + "GBoA"

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Man, another Level-3er joining the list. Is this snowballing or what?

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Subject: virus: Reality (ref's to "truth at all costs" + "GBoA"

Please be patient as this is my first time.

It seems to me that everyone has their own concept of reality (their meme set), and most if not all want to believe this to be closer to the absolute reality (the truth) than anybody else's. I find myself enjoying CoV because it's members are people who have embraced this concept (or meme complex) into their own meme set and therefor are willing to learn other peoples memes if this brings them closer to the truth.

The problem everyone faces is how to be objective with their meme set since it is the mechanism through which we try to be objective, i.e.. how to think about a meme without the memes that are active within that area of your meme set affecting you.

Any "bible" is presented to its users as an ideal model for their meme set (it's memes claim to represent "the truth"). If CoV was to produce a
"bible" I would insist on being open for peer review and any publishing
being version numbered to emphasize the point that "the truth" is not yet known (and may never be) though we try to get closer with each evolution in our thinking.

from Craig

You cannot learn the truth without unlearning the untruth If you believe you know the truth, I don't trust you, you would have to know everything.
If you think you may know some of the truth I'm willing to reason with you.