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I never said that!

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On 02/09/99 02:44 the inimitable Richard Brodie made this comment

>If CoV was to produce a
>"bible" I would insist on being open for peer review and any publishing
>being version numbered to emphasize the point that "the truth" is not
>yet known (and may never be) though we try to get closer with each
>evolution in our thinking.

If CoV produced a bible I would not want to be a member of any group that wanted me to join.... And, nope, I wouldn't buy it. (I'm much more proud, and only a level 3 will understand this (*), that I do not have a copy of the xian bible in my home, but do have a copy of Mein Kampf.)

This of course is the Groucho paradox.

You learn the rules, you play _their_ game. But the play's the thing, as I've heard before somewhere. And there are 'technical' actors, and 'intuitive' actors. Both present a similar face when on the stage, and receive identical rewards for their efforts. But I would never have asked Olivier to play Loman, just as I would never ask any set of actors to rehearse the same play, over and over....

And I'm usually happy to do the lights....

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