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I have been thinking about the Y2K psychosis going on. What I see is an excellent chance to make money from the fearful. I'm willing to bet (say 100.00) that if you did a "Who's afraid" demographics - you would find that Atheists have a smaller percentage of fearful people regarding this problem. Those who are prone to fear - The Religious - are more prone to fearing Y2K. I think there is Very much money to be made by exploiting these people.

I am in the technology business. I am a Sys Admin who does a lot of contract work right now - and I'm raking in the bucks. I don't have a single techy geek friend who is afraid of Y2K. This was supported on WBUR (NPR) in the news Friday. Basically the group that fears Y2K the least are the computer geeks like me. I am hoping to profit mightily on the fears of others.

For those who don't like this viewpoint - you should know that I will volunteer time to help certain groups too.

Bill Roh

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Oh..figured it out. Sorry for the spam, everyone. That /is/ a very good cognitive abilities test.
Also, does anyone have any thoughts on the meme that is the y2k bug paranoia?

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