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>kjs wrote: (lol)

>I couldn't find anything to disagree with in it. All the Unitarians I've
>met have been very thoughtful, liberal, informed and generally just nice
>people to be around. If I felt the need for community that church-going
>provides they would probably be one of the first groups I checked-out.

Well, so far my experience with 'ministers' has been hilarious or upsetting encounters with Fundy street preachers right out of a Flannery O'Conner story. They are usually very aggressive and rude. However, with the U. Universalists, they didn't accost every person who walked by and try to 'convert' them, but rather they let anyone curious come to them, and then politely answered their questions. In fact, after I annouced, "I'm neutral as far as religion, but..." she still was polite as ever and did not try to convert me! There's a nice change from being lectured about whores and whore-mongers.

To me, their 'theology' is very similar to my own, without the faith in a God.

>Wow! Now that I think about it, that was a REALLY GOOD meme for keeping
>discussions from devolving into personal attacks. To bad we couldn't do the
>same thing within these church walls.