virus: What do Unitarians believe? (was: A Peek Behind Enemy Lines)

Tim Rhodes (
Sat, 6 Feb 1999 10:05:22 -0800

kjs wrote:

>Now, I don't agree with them wholeheartedly on _every_ point, nor do I
>endorse them. But as I said, overall I was impressed. You may now agree
>with me or go ahead and ruthlessly tear it apart if you like. ;-)

I couldn't find anything to disagree with in it. All the Unitarians I've met have been very thoughtful, liberal, informed and generally just nice people to be around. If I felt the need for community that church-going provides they would probably be one of the first groups I checked-out.

But of course, we already have CoV for that, don't we?

Although, if I cast my mind back to childhood memories of church-going, I don't remember as much fighting going on in those churches. Well, wait... that isn't true. There we a lot of disagreements, come to think of it--philosophical, political, and personal. But there was always a high standard of civility to them. Because, even if you were debating something frightenly obvious with a complete and total idiot, you were still doing so inside "God's house" and were expected to act accordingly.

Wow! Now that I think about it, that was a REALLY GOOD meme for keeping discussions from devolving into personal attacks. To bad we couldn't do the same thing within these church walls.