Re: virus: The golden shower of salesmanship

Sat, 06 Feb 1999 01:11:37 -0800

Richard Brodie wrote:

> Having said that, I do have a MLM scheme for selling my book called the
> Memetics Profit Virus. If you'd like to participate in the profit, you can
> join. Send a SASE to Profit Virus c/o Integral Press, 1122 E. Pike St. Ste
> 786, Seattle WA 98122.

I'm dying, here. That's beautiful, man. Beautiful!

I think it's time for me to come clean here. I've mentioned in a previous post or two that I'm working on a comics project. Right now I'm focussing on the artistic side of things, but eventually, I'm going to turn my attention back to the propagation side. When that time comes, I could just put the whole thing up on my website or I can print up copies at my own expense and give them to people for free, even eating the expense of mailing copies to folks in foriegn lands. But I've traveled both these routes in the past, and for the next diaspera I think I'm going to try something new; I'm going to print up copies of the comic at my expense, but then I'm going to sell them for more money than it cost me to print them. And if lots of people buy them, then I'll get lots of money. Many of the posts in this golden shower thread seem to indicate that this "product for profit" modus operandi makes me neocheater, agent of Satan, or even a republican. I don't THINK I'm any of those things.