Re: virus: A Peek Behind Enemy Lines

Tim Rhodes (
Fri, 5 Feb 1999 23:20:29 -0800

KMO wrote:

>I have to say that I share the SRSC's dislike for the materialistic
>focus of our culture, so I can't honestly wish them complete failure in
>their task.

True enough, although I suspect that your use of the term "materialistic" and their meaning when speaking of the "Materialists" are not the same.

>Tim, you say that they are intelligent, educated, (and I
>would add, "connected"), and I certainly agree. Still, I don't see much
>danger that they will be successful in their efforts.

They've said the same about all of us, I assure you.

>I think that their approach, concentrating in the early stages on
>converting opinion-makers and intellecutuals, is a savvy one, but those
>who make billions from the cultural fetish of materialism and have
>strong incentive to maintain the global consumer consciousness also know
>these tricks, and they OWN the big media conglomerates, and if they
>started to see this neo-creationist agenda as a threat to their power
>and profitability, they have the power to deny the SRSC access to big

Why do you think they would ever come at odds with consumerism?

>Also, I think that with the rapid multiplication and fragmentation of
>media, the SRSC could get their message on the air and in print often
>enough to make them think that they are really penetrating the public
>consciousness without actually getting the message out to people who
>aren't already sympathetic to it.

Sounds like you could be taking about Memetics here. ;-)

I do not agree with your phrase, the "fragmentation of media" however. Last time I checked, just the opposite was at work.

>About a year ago, you, Cinnimon, and
>I were sitting in the Speakeasy cafe, and you asked me how we were going
>to take over the world. I responded that I was going to write and draw a
>comic book. That's still my plan, and I'm working at it five days a
>week. I think the best thing any of us can do to save the world from
>ideologs and control freaks is to find some activity that we enjoy, that
>engages us, utilizes and develops the talents that we value in
>ourselves, and produces an experience of Flow, and then just do that
>thing and let divine creativity manifest itself through that work.

For myself, when I need healing I focus inward, and when I feel strong and healthy my focus moves outward from myself. In some ways, I would prefer never to have to produce another piece of art again.

-Prof. Tim