Re: virus: A Peek Behind Enemy Lines

Fri, 05 Feb 1999 16:43:04 -0800

Tim Rhodes wrote:

> This is it, folks! In black-and-white; their twenty-year, three-phase
> strategy to "defeat scientific materialism and its destructive moral,
> cultural and political legacies" and "to replace materialistic explanations
> with the theistic understanding that nature and human beings are created by
> God." This is a rare look straight into the belly of the Beast.

Interesting that they see the change in world-view and attitudes resulting from the work of Darwin, Frued, and Marx as an infection. I wonder what they've been reading.

I have to say that I share the SRSC's dislike for the materialistic focus of our culture, so I can't honestly wish them complete failure in their task. Tim, you say that they are intelligent, educated, (and I would add, "connected"), and I certainly agree. Still, I don't see much danger that they will be successful in their efforts. A lot more money, manpower, and intelligence were devoted to erradicating Marxism in Vietnam, cutting off the flow of cocaine from South America, and getting Bob Dole into the oval office than the SRSC has at their disposal.

I think that their approach, concentrating in the early stages on converting opinion-makers and intellecutuals, is a savvy one, but those who make billions from the cultural fetish of materialism and have strong incentive to maintain the global consumer consciousness also know these tricks, and they OWN the big media conglomerates, and if they started to see this neo-creationist agenda as a threat to their power and profitability, they have the power to deny the SRSC access to big media.

Also, I think that with the rapid multiplication and fragmentation of media, the SRSC could get their message on the air and in print often enough to make them think that they are really penetrating the public consciousness without actually getting the message out to people who aren't already sympathetic to it.

I'm glad that you gained access to the wedgie plan document and that you shared it with us. I'm not saying that your concern is misplaced or unjustified. I just don't share it. About a year ago, you, Cinnimon, and I were sitting in the Speakeasy cafe, and you asked me how we were going to take over the world. I responded that I was going to write and draw a comic book. That's still my plan, and I'm working at it five days a week. I think the best thing any of us can do to save the world from ideologs and control freaks is to find some activity that we enjoy, that engages us, utilizes and develops the talents that we value in ourselves, and produces an experience of Flow, and then just do that thing and let divine creativity manifest itself through that work. As Robert Anton Wilson put it, "Don't get too concerned about fighting evil; you lose your own center that way."

That's my $0.02, anyway.

Take care.