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At Fri, 5 Feb 1999 07:20:29 -0500, you wrote:
>>they've already begun to co-opt the term, could we, would we, ever be able
>>to get it back?
>Hmmm. Who has the terms in the first place? Ain't some people (here,
>maybe) trying to sell something just as satanic when they use the term
>'cognitive dissonance'?

The other question is whether we have that much to learn from xtians about memetic propagation besides persistence and coercion. Basically what I'm asking is if all memetic propagation strategies are equally effective regardless of the form or content of the memeset (not likely, IMO), whether each memeset might not admit of an individual optimum propagation strategy completely different from others (also not likely, IMO), or whether each memeset may have an optimal propagation strategy specifically tailor-able to it which both resembles and differs from the best strategies of other memesets in significant respects (most likely, IMO)? If so, may memesets be categorized into types and categories, and cross-referenced with types and categories of propagation strategies, to produce a general propagation map applicable to most memesets?

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