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Zloduska (
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 16:20:55 -0600

Robert wrote:

>Personally I think Jesus and Hitler are identical.
> a) Destroy your enimies by fire
> b) Love your "people", destroy all who oppose you
>The only reason Hitler is "reviled" is because he lost the war.

Ehh, I think you're a bit off.

-We know a LOT more factual information about Hitler than Jesus. There is direct evidence to why Hitler was "evil". We only have the Gospels that tell stories about Jesus.

-In the case of Jesus, it's not really people following *him*, but following what they *think* was his legacy, message, etc.. Hitler had an actual group of persons he had control over. Christians today have some abstract relationship in which they worship Christ. It's not Jesus pulling the strings and manipulating them in this case; it's the warped minds of certain Christians themselves.

-Regardless of how most Christians act, it's generally agreed that Jesus Christ's philosophy was "love", despite what others tell you.

-Hitler was insane and killed himself. Jesus was supposedly crucified.

-If Jesus was the Son of God, he probably had both testicles.