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Jim (
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 16:26:46 -0600

Hello to every one,

I must say I am pleased that the twisted psychology that I have taught myself and experimented in for the past twenty years appears to have some value far grater than the entertainment of the general public.

The first set of tests for the TRUTH drug and alcohol awareness program a total of nine shows in one day was a raging success. Two days latter and the shows are still a topic of conversation at the High school that was brave enough to try a different course of action. The school in question has a very high ratio of what are termed at risk students. These are people that are hard to reach and educate.

Now before I receive the fire storm of anti program flack let me say:

I imagine that the main stream awareness people ( M.A.D.D. S.A.D. D.A.R.E. ) are going to be more than a little put out by my deas.( dangerous things ideas) I compare their tactics and programs at one point in the presentation to carnival freak shows. And the students agree. They are also compared to Jerry Springer at another place in the show. This was more used as a tactic to draw them into response and for me to manipulate their response into a examination of human behavior. Some of the responses they gave took me almost half an hour to set in their heads so that they might see that they know how they are being manipulated by the media if they will only step back and look.

And at no time did I say once. Do not do this it is bad for you. ( We all get to make our own mistakes and will be taken advantage of by society if we let our selves be)

I know that some of this stuff may sound a little harsh taken out of the context of the show. But does it really matter because it is the TRUTH.

Best Wishes

Hey I have the first draft of the web site for the new P.B.S. show up also it has a link to the screen wallpaper to be used in the school as part of the program. The address is