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But I'm really getting tired of cleaning out that bucket.

At 10:12 AM 2/3/99 -0800, you wrote:
>But Reed IS talking to her from a higher plane, and I think most of us here
>can see that. It doesn't do any good to pretend you're not enlightened when
>you are.
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>>>>>No, I don't think you're anything like that. I think you're a very good
>>>>>hearted person trying to help people around you. The other stuff is
>>>>>a protective shell you don't need anymore.
>>>Somebody get me a bucket.
>>Why is it so hard for you to believe I mean that?
>I believe you mean the things you said, I think you were being very
>sincere. What's more, I agree with most of the things you said.
>But rather than simply presenting your points, you take the role of the
>enlightened messiah, sent from the wilderness to teach her the error of her
>ways. It's pretentious, sanctimonious. It's as though you're talking to
>her from a higher plane. And it *really* bugs me because I often do the
>same thing.
>If you disagree with her, say that you do, and give your reasons. Don't
>try to save her soul. Unless, of course, you're interested in starting
>your own religion.