Re: virus: Why people cling to faith

Sodom (
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 09:27:13 -0500

Yes, I saw that coming up too. I do not mean logic in the formalized writing sense of the word. I mean as dictated by physics. Certainly logic does not always have an answer that we like or understand. Searching for resolutions to the unknown is what this advancement is all about.

so - you are right.

Bill Roh

Tim Rhodes wrote:

> Bill wrote:
> >I think that they as physical entities worked logically - That is also
> >specifically why I said "not word games" because something works
> >logically, does not mean it makes sense.
> I think I see a source of some misunderstandings. By 'logically" here, it
> seems to me that you mean something akin to "working according to a
> process." Is this a correct reading?
> I would just note that because a thing is bounded by a process does not
> imply that its behavior is inherantly rational or predictable. At least not
> in a way that meshes well with the connotations of a word like "logic" or
> "reason".
> Consistantly predicting the weather 20-30 minutes in advance since the early
> 80's-
> -Prof. Tim