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the great tinkerer (
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 04:21:09 PST

and she spake and my attention turned... <<Has anyone discussed the
proposal that schools be furnished with this new, (fac*cough*ist*) kiddie-safe software on this list yet?>>

i wrote my current issues final paper on that topic in fact!

i (looking for an argument that was agreeable, part of course was solving issues...) wrote that: "The best way to protect a child on the Internet is through parental supervision and not unconstitutional legislation." my argument was for making software internet filters a standard on all pc's, i outlined how the filterring system would be structured and how filter was indeed the best solution. my paper contained such beautiful statements as:

"Any bill with the goal to protect children on the Internet would have
to protect the freedom of speech, be technologically and rationally feasible, not affect the rapid growth of the Internet, and not limit the educational value of the Internet."

of course i showed how internet filters met all this criterea ;-)

"There are several options: prohibitions on publishing on the net,
rating systems for web sites, kids-only or child protected service providers, segregating sites containing adult content, and filtering systems."
"Internet censorship bills such as the CDA will fail. Because Internet
content can be published from anywhere, it is impossible to regulate data on servers that are located overseas. 'Preventing prohibited content from entering into the U.S. is as futile as a ban on Canadian Thunderclouds.'"

~the great tinkerer

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