Re: virus: Why people cling to faith

Thu, 28 Jan 1999 09:28:52 -0700

>>> sodom <> 01/28 8:20 AM >>>
>> Still, it seem slike each of these religions command over a >>billion followers - obviously people are
>>finding some of what they want. It kinda makes me wonder how >>much culture affects a person's
>>prefrence for religion?
>> Bill Roh

if culture affected a persons perference for religion to any greater extent, christianity wouldn't have a billion+ followers. maybe, though, culture affects how seriously you believe and follow a religion..

i live in utah, where 90% of the people are mormons (the greatest meme of all time).. if you wanted to do a study on cultural religion, this is the place to do it.. there are really two societies here - the mormons and the non.. of course they interact in the business circles, but thats it..

neighborhoods are divided into "wards" and three or four wards are grouped into "stakes" and then there are regions and areas.. wards are about 300-500 people who live close together, whose children go to school together, who, in essence, live and breath together.. there are a few people in each ward who are nons, and the mormons generally won't leave the non's alone... trying to involve the non's in mormon activities, tying to get the non's to go to church, etc..

visit orem, utah sometime.. see the most powerful meme i've ever seen in action.. welcome 2002 olympics..