Re: virus: Why people cling to faith

sodom (
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 10:20:10 -0500

That sounds like "Valis" (If you read Phillip K. Dick). Pretty great sounding I must say. I have pretty much the same problem you have with the other religions, only I include Xtianity too. Still, it seem slike each of these religions command over a billion followers - obviously people are finding some of what they want. It kinda makes me wonder how much culture affects a person's prefrence for religion?

Bill Roh

KingsXfan wrote:

> > That is easy enough to do - There are many religions that can be explored in a big city - try
> > Buddhism - A lot of people like it and it does not require the same kind of servitude.
> >
> > Bill Roh
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> Been there, done that. I practiced it for 3 years and did have a few experiences with different
> states of awareness, but I never felt (as with my christian experience) in the presence of a
> "personal" being and feeling that it was beaming love energy at me.
> SG