Re: virus: To S.G. re: his Jesus predicament

Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 04:52:49 -0800

Jake wrote:

>I think you are suggesting
>that an impossible thing is in fact possible, namely that somehow S.G. can
>involuntarily "deprived" of his experience.

Any idiot can sour a love. But only a fool would disregard the work entailed in
restoring it.

-Prof. Tim

If he wants to believe what he
>has experienced as being actually real there is nothing that anyone can do
>about that. If he want to discount what he has experienced as a rationally
>explainable phenomenon due to the fatigue, stress, and hunger which he has
>cited here, there is nothing that anyone can do about that either. He is
>to come to his own conclusions about this, regardless of what we say. Does
>bother you that he is?? I think it does. I have no problem with it
>regardless of the conclusion that he comes to.
>He wanted to talk and so I responded. He doesn't have to listen. It seems
>that he is well aware of the crowd that is on this list. It is quite
>that he even chose it because of its composition. Maybe he wants to hear
>somebody tell him things like this. That's a free choice too. Does it
>you that he might do such a thing? It doesn't bother me. He can find lots
>people easily who will either confirm or not confront the "realness" of his
>experience. It is not as easy to find people who will challenge it
>thoughtfully. Maybe that is why he chose this list. Does it bother you
>he might be actively seeking out answers instead of thrashing blindly and
>unsuspectingly into a cyber den of atheists and other doubters?
>Of course he could always be posing as a wind up to an evangelistic
>performance. Right now it doesn't look that way, but if he is, I am sure
>we are all in for a little entertaining diversionary waste of time. And
>that's fine too, though I may lose interest quickly - I have had quite a
>of those in my time. Right now I think SG is troubled about something and
>working these things out for himself. How he does this, will probably have
>real consequences for me, but I am happy to provide opinions.