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Mon, 25 Jan 1999 11:34:13 -0500

I AM SO ENVIOUS - tell me all about your trip!!! I was aware that the US and others had interest in the region, but I had no idea it was as intense as you make it sound. If you are going to go again next year, i will be sure to have the money saved up!!!

Good work, you have done us proud.

So - how are our killer memes doing in the jungles and with the people? What is the reaction to Christianity like in a group of non Christians? How was the experience as a whole - drug wise - did u notice anything "supernatural"?

glad you are back

Bill Roh

KMO wrote:

> Hi Doug,
> Dope Fiends is a great website. I share your conviction that ending the
> War on Drugs is of the utmost urgency and importance. I just got back
> from the jungles of Peru yesterday. I was there with Dr. Luis Edwardo
> Luna, author of "Ayahuasca Visions: Religious Iconography of a Peruvian
> Shaman," to try ayahuasca, but I also got an eye-full of contradiction
> and creulty concerning US involvement in South America. The US military
> has a strong presence in the Amazonian jungle port city of Iquitos.
> There you'll also find plenty of Christian missionaries and reserchers
> working for US pharmaceutical companies. Poverty and deprivation are
> ubiquitous in Iquitos, but the soldiers, proselytizers, and researchers
> are not there to improve the quality of life for the inhabitants; they
> are there to assert military and political dominion over the region,
> deprive its people of part of their cultural identity in exchange for
> the spiritual banality of televangalism, and extract the pharmaceutical
> treasures of Amaznionian biodiversity before it disappears forever.
> Witnessing this had a powerful effect on my convictions and goals.
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> Take care.
> -KMO
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