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Sun, 24 Jan 1999 15:41:55 -0800

Hi Doug,

Dope Fiends is a great website. I share your conviction that ending the War on Drugs is of the utmost urgency and importance. I just got back from the jungles of Peru yesterday. I was there with Dr. Luis Edwardo Luna, author of "Ayahuasca Visions: Religious Iconography of a Peruvian Shaman," to try ayahuasca, but I also got an eye-full of contradiction and creulty concerning US involvement in South America. The US military has a strong presence in the Amazonian jungle port city of Iquitos. There you'll also find plenty of Christian missionaries and reserchers working for US pharmaceutical companies. Poverty and deprivation are ubiquitous in Iquitos, but the soldiers, proselytizers, and researchers are not there to improve the quality of life for the inhabitants; they are there to assert military and political dominion over the region, deprive its people of part of their cultural identity in exchange for the spiritual banality of televangalism, and extract the pharmaceutical treasures of Amaznionian biodiversity before it disappears forever. Witnessing this had a powerful effect on my convictions and goals.

I send out a "Thought of the Day" mailing every Monday thru Friday. The mailing consists of two quotes from various sources. I expect that I'll be using quotes from your website for the TOTD in the near future. I've taken the liberty of adding you to the list of TOTD recipients. You'll receive a message telling you how to unsubscribe if you'd rather not receive the mailing, or just tell me, and I'll remove you from the list.

I'm posting this message to the Church of the Virus mailing list as well as sending it directly to you because a recent thread on that discussion list has centered around anti-drug propaganda. The list is devoted to discussions of memetics, cultural engineering, mind-control and related topics. I'd invite you to take a look at the Church of the Virus website and well as my own site, C-Realm, and I'll encourage the recipients of the Virus mailing list to look at your site and see your take on the war.

Take care.


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