Re: virus: CoV tee shirts

the great tinkerer (
Fri, 15 Jan 1999 22:52:08 PST

>Great tinkering, great tinkerer! But it looks so much like a rock
group fan's
>T-shirt that it seems more likely to be ignored than cause comment.
But if
>there actually *was* a rock group by that name... But, then, didn't
John Cale
>have an album by that name c. 1969-70? No...that was Church of
>wasn't it? Anyway, great rockers joined with great tinkerer might get
>something interesting going.
>John Thomas
>Not Unsane!

better yet: the great tinkerer *is* a great rocker too... im releasing my debut cd: "i am not disturbed" under the name: "tinkerer" (the great is just a title ;-) under the independant "tinkerred records"... in a coupla weeks. ill get about 250 pieces duplicated and sell em for $12+sh or $10 no sh pre orderred (if you order within the two week period after completion of the music and completion of the art)... i do electronic music: techno, drum n bass, trance, acid etc with the occasional alternative/ballad. visit my site: to check out some of my songs and images... id tell you to join my mailing list/newsletter but my cgis are dead..... you can still listen to some songs... and you can access the unlisted mp3z in (the ones not on the actual site....)

as for the title "i am not disturbed": its the concept of a 13 year old who realized he had to wait 6 years before anyone took him seriously about anything. of course ive knocked one of those years down now.... ~the great tinkerer
who just tinkerred up the tinkerred records logo:

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