Re: virus: CoV tee shirts
Sat, 16 Jan 1999 01:20:14 EST

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>i remember a while back we stirred onto a discussion of creating a CoV
>tee shirt... i created some images then... i made a new one now:
>i think its a beauty ;-) any thoughts?
>~the great tinkerer

Great tinkering, great tinkerer! But it looks so much like a rock group fan's T-shirt that it seems more likely to be ignored than cause comment. But if there actually *was* a rock group by that name... But, then, didn't John Cale have an album by that name c. 1969-70? No...that was Church of Anthrax, wasn't it? Anyway, great rockers joined with great tinkerer might get something interesting going.
John Thomas
Not Unsane!