Re: virus: Time to infect and inoculate

sodom (
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 16:51:37 -0500

Bob Hartwig wrote:

> Very impressive summary, Sodom. I agree with almost everything you said.
> Two questions for you: If you completely stopped doing all drugs now,
> would you be able to retain the creativity enhancement they've given you?

I have reduced my drug use to nothing but Marijuana (except for the VERY occasional ritual LSD usage) I find that I can still create most of what I did then due to the experience of what frequencies have a physical effect on the body (Psychoacoustics). I feel that the experience has lasted and that I have retained many but not all of the skills.

> Do you believe there are individuals who don't need drugs to reach their
> full creative potential?

Certainly there are those that can, I have only known a few though and they had skills I would call exceptional. I think everyone from birth has the possibility of realizing their creative potential, but as they move on in life, and their perspective shrinks, this becomes more difficult. A musician or artist that starts very young and has the art "in the veins" will be excellent with or without. I think drugs should be one of the LAST options for expansion. Any "wise" LSD user realizes that this molecule seriously modifies the perceptions and permits insights into one's own psyche that could not be obtained any other way. Then of course, there is the majority who just get high and think it is fun (I hope not to fit into that category).

Bill Roh