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Very impressive summary, Sodom. I agree with almost everything you said.

Two questions for you: If you completely stopped doing all drugs now, would you be able to retain the creativity enhancement they've given you? Do you believe there are individuals who don't need drugs to reach their full creative potential?

At 12:50 PM 1/13/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Well, as a fan of illicit drugs, my major concern is that the "truth" be
>Not propaganda.
>First off: As long as written history, and so far the fossil records too,
>have had an intimite relationship with many of the drugs we use now. I
>that a great many of the best parts of our culture are directly related to
>use and sometimes, drug abuse. I have noticed a great deal of "poor" moral
>behaviour on the part of those who fight drug use. The Christian right is
a good
>example, but there are many many more.
>As a youngster I was very anti-drugs. My father had brow beaten me into
>anti-drug submission. I would rat on friends, and show generally abusive
>bahaviour to drug users (a common response I have found). I am ashamed of
how I
>responded then. The very principles of privacy, free speech and self
>determination that I hold so dear, i violed in the anti-drug mindset I had
>up with. As a "young republican type" of the early 80s, I learned that drug
>users dont have rights, they are inheritly evil, pot leads to heroin etc....
>Yea, then I grew up. I was a musician, trained in vocal performance and
>composition on a schollarship to the University of Arizona for music. BUt
>was something terribly amiss. The music I heard from myself and my
>SUCKED. Oh, sure it was proper, and sometime I felt it was even inspired, but
>when i would compare it with anyone of note, the music was always missing
>"something" indefinable. Finally in my 4th year of college, totally
>with everyones inability to break any musical barriers, or demonstrate some
>original music skills - I quit. At this stage I had never taken a single
>drug, or even alcohol. You heard right - I was 22 - did not drink or do any
>drugs EVER - and was a senior in college.
>I moved to California to look for what I was missing in music - and I
found it.
>I started comparing styles, musicians, selling power, etc... looking for
>something they all had in common. I found it alright - they were all avid
>users. Some had problems, some did not. Some were dead from abuse, some
>indestructable. The only common thread I noticed was drugs. This was hard
for me
>to accept, but for the first time in my life, i realized that maybe I did not
>know the truth about drugs, only the negatives. So I started studying them. I
>read many books on each drug I looked found to have a lot of support. The
>drugs it seemed that were raved about were:
>Marijuana, Heroin, Coke, Booze, LSD
>Marijuana: The most lied about drug of all. If you ask D.A.R.E they will say
>that Marijuana is a serious hallucinogen that is highy addictive and will
>to harder drugs. Marijuana is not a hallucinogen, nor is it highly
addictive. It
>is somewhat addictive though, in that 2 or 3 days after quitting I tend to
be a
>little irritable. For me, Mary was the last drug, not the first, and best for
>most purposes.
>Heroin: A lot of the best musicial creators of recent times have heroin
>problems, or are dead. I am fascinated by this drug - but am also
>Due to its high addictin and death rate, I have never tried, nor do i
intend to
>try, heroin. I do however, wish I knew the feeling and would be tempted
only in
>"clinical" conditions.
>Coke: Same as above, but nearly all responses were the same, and very little
>musical creativity seems to come from the cocaine bunch. Most people say the
>feeling is ego enlarging. My Ego is big enough, to I also have completly
>this drug.
>Booze: Blues, Country, Folk, none of these styles could even exist if it
>for alcohol. Also, as we all know, alcohol is very addictive and damaging
to the
>body when abused. For the most part, i avoid alcohol. At least we can thank
>religion for the legalization of one drug (so what if it is the most
>LSD: Rivals Marijuana when it comes to creativity and music. The Beatles, the
>Dead, and many others were greatly influenced by this drug. D.A.R.E. also
>heavily about LSD. The truth: LSD is a hallucinogen, although reports and
>experience have shown that very few people actually experience true
>hallucinations from LSD. LSD tends to alter reality by making things look
>they are "breathing, or flexing". Very seldom do people report that LSD has
>caused someone to hallucinate something that is not there at all. LSD is
>non-toxic and non addictive. Only one type of personality disorder
>(schizophrenia) has shown repeated negative response to LSD. There is no such
>thing as a "Flashback" which is big in the anti-LSD propaganda. There is
such a
>thing as "remembering". I have experienced what I am sure people call
>"flashbacks". Had I not known about LSD first, I might have thought that I
>something out of the corner of my eye, or that my eyes werent focusing
>(common enough occurances). The thing is, after doing LSD, the things that
>happened before that made you look over your shoulder, or look away to fix
>wierd eye focusing problems (like a screen door, or polka dot pattern for
>instance) remind u of what LSD was like. LSD cannot damage your genes, it
>did but is popular in propaganda. I started with LSD, before all others
and was
>richly rewarded. I no longer do the drug, mostly because it is a draining
>experience and my age no longer permits me to feel so crappy.
>People ask what I am going to tell my kids, how I will treat it. I will tell
>them the truth. I will treat Marijuana as the drug u can do as an adult,
when u
>are old enough. Booze as legal but bad. Heroin and Coke as downright
stupid due
>to risk assessment - a major NoNo. And LSD is a topic for discussion when a
>child is reaching the time of reason, also an adult drug. I will tell them
>are not good or bad, its the circumstances and effects that are good and
bad. I
>like drugs in our culture, and am not interested in the puritanical
attitude of
>many Americans.
>Well, after reading this book - you can order a copy at
>Bill Roh
>Jim wrote:
>> Hello and greetings to the good people of the congregation.
>> I have been preparing a drug and alcohol awareness program for High School
>> students. My goal is to educate in the reasons why and how one is persuaded
>> to take up a vice and how the programming we receive from birth sets us up
>> for it. It is my reasoning that maybe if these people are taught how the
>> process works they may be able to make more informed choices. I will
only be
>> discussing how bad these things are in a peripheral way.( No preaching
>> the horrors of substance abuse ) They have been fed that since starting
>> school.So what are your thoughts or examples as to why and how one
starts or
>> trys vice A,B, or C. I am also putting together a web site as support for
>> the program and would like to post the reposes to this subject there.
>> With sincere thanks
>> Master Magician & Paranormalist
>> Jim Callahan
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