Re: virus: (The utility of) opposites

Tim Rhodes (
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 22:19:51 -0800

KMO wrote:

>I'm not sure. Twelve seemed to be propossing a mental exercise. Many
>concepts come in opposing pairs, up/down, right/wrong, us/them. Twelve
>asked "what's the opposite of a meme, a concept which does not come with
>an obvious opposite?" The exercise is to hold the concept up to the
>light, look at it from various angles and see if you can find (or
>invent) a vantage point from which you can pick out something that a
>casual inspection does not reveal. It seems like there might be some
>value in performing an exercise of this sort, so I thought I'd give it a
>whirl. Do you usually demand that the value of an exercise be appearrant
>after a single repetition?

Only when the muscles flexed are ones already grossly overdeveloped in our culture.

>Sure. You seem to be saying, "This game doesn't seem to have enough of a
>payoff to be worth investing my attention in it."

It pays handily, but in a currency I find is of little use to me.

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-Prof. Tim