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Tue, 12 Jan 1999 22:18:23 -0600 (CST)

                         Will you reach those who have taken the step or
will you just reach those who just say no already? With education, people still decide to cross over anyway. Are you strong enough? Experience is helpful but I wouldn't recommend it. There is a woman, a counselor, who's area of expertise is crack addicts. She joined their ranks. If she can ever come back,she will make an outstanding counselor. Last seen, she's a walking corpse. After the first try, all are walking corpses. She stole from her own children to support her habit. She has prostituted herself. Jail and rehabs to no avail. Her children are scattered across the country but they know where each are and keep in touch. Is she still of value?
                       Welcome to reality.  Good luck. 

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On Tue, 12 Jan 1999, Jim wrote:

> Hello and greetings to the good people of the congregation.
> I have been preparing a drug and alcohol awareness program for High School
> students. My goal is to educate in the reasons why and how one is persuaded
> to take up a vice and how the programming we receive from birth sets us up
> for it. It is my reasoning that maybe if these people are taught how the
> process works they may be able to make more informed choices. I will only be
> discussing how bad these things are in a peripheral way.( No preaching about
> the horrors of substance abuse ) They have been fed that since starting
> school.So what are your thoughts or examples as to why and how one starts or
> trys vice A,B, or C. I am also putting together a web site as support for
> the program and would like to post the reposes to this subject there.
> With sincere thanks
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