Re: virus: (The utility of) opposites

Tim Rhodes (
Tue, 12 Jan 1999 01:29:16 -0800

KMO, who wears duality like an ill-fitting suit, wrote:

>I take it that you are making the point that many concepts don't have
>opposites, but if you select one salient aspect of a river's course, say
>the fact that it changes over time with and without human intervention,
>then you might think of it as contrasting sharply with an equalateral
>triangle or other perfect geometric shape which does not change over
>time and cannot be changed by human intervention.

And by this you have increased your knowledge of rivers or geometry... in what way?

When one can clearly say of a thing, "This thing, which I consider, is most completely unlike that other there, in every way!" it is of great value for our understanding of them both.

But it should be remembered, that value is by no means distributed uniformly throughout the universe.

-Prof. Tim