virus: opposites

Mon, 11 Jan 1999 09:45:57 -0800

Tim Rhodes wrote:
> KMO to twelve wrote:
> >What is the opposite of a meme? A quale? What else?
> What is the opposite of a branch? Is it another limb?

Maybe. What feature or quality of a branch would provide so sharp a contrast with the other that you would call them opposites?

> Or an ax?

Perhaps, although it seems that a one-word answer would require some unpacking before the comparison is meaningful.

> What is the opposite of a river's course?

I take it that you are making the point that many concepts don't have opposites, but if you select one salient aspect of a river's course, say the fact that it changes over time with and without human intervention, then you might think of it as contrasting sharply with an equalateral triangle or other perfect geometric shape which does not change over time and cannot be changed by human intervention.

> The banks?

Again, maybe, but it would take a little explaining.

> Or the cloud?