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Mon, 11 Jan 1999 18:51:20 -0600 (CST)

                           You listen to all of the music all of the time.
In sleep you listen to the music from the point of sleep. ( Silly.)

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On Sat, 9 Jan 1999, Wade T.Smith wrote:

> On 01/09/99 14:42 the inimitable Tim Rhodes made this comment
> >I suspect that the boundries of what is available is what
> >really controls the movements of this dynamic relationship.
> Last time I was in a music store, or looking at what was available
> online, my remark, both to myself and to anyone who was listening, was-
> 'Holy shit, what the hell _ain't_ here?'
> The total onslaught of musics available these days is mind-boggling,
> compared to the supply and diversity I grew up with- plus all the music I
> _did_ grow up with is still out there.
> More to the point of this thread, is what is being _played_ and what you
> are hearing _in the general environment_. I listen to college radio in
> Boston, IMHO one of the finest and most diverse radio markets in the
> country, if not the world. I am constantly enlarging my scope of musical
> interests and sources, and it is not because I am traveling, but because
> the music is now here and available- from the Balinese Gamelan or a
> Highland reel, to the most recent techno-pop from Italy or a trashpunk
> piece from some guy's basement. The world, in short, is listenable. But
> if I move out of this immediate multicultural enclave, I lose a good deal
> of my aural world, and, yes, I am in pain without it.
> I wish I could know it all, or at least hear some of all of it, but you
> can't listen to all the music all of the time.
> And, the finest music is the music of what happens....
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