virus: Listening (was Watching, kind of....)

Wade T.Smith (
Sat, 9 Jan 1999 22:43:19 -0500

On 01/09/99 14:42 the inimitable Tim Rhodes made this comment

>I suspect that the boundries of what is available is what
>really controls the movements of this dynamic relationship.

Last time I was in a music store, or looking at what was available online, my remark, both to myself and to anyone who was listening, was- 'Holy shit, what the hell _ain't_ here?'

The total onslaught of musics available these days is mind-boggling, compared to the supply and diversity I grew up with- plus all the music I _did_ grow up with is still out there.

More to the point of this thread, is what is being _played_ and what you are hearing _in the general environment_. I listen to college radio in Boston, IMHO one of the finest and most diverse radio markets in the country, if not the world. I am constantly enlarging my scope of musical interests and sources, and it is not because I am traveling, but because the music is now here and available- from the Balinese Gamelan or a Highland reel, to the most recent techno-pop from Italy or a trashpunk piece from some guy's basement. The world, in short, is listenable. But if I move out of this immediate multicultural enclave, I lose a good deal of my aural world, and, yes, I am in pain without it.

I wish I could know it all, or at least hear some of all of it, but you can't listen to all the music all of the time.

And, the finest music is the music of what happens....

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