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>>, David McFadzean <> writes
> >>It is never simply
> >>and straightforwardly true either that the thing
> >>is conscious or is not conscious
> >
> >Are you saying there is no truth to the matter
> >of whether or not you are conscious?
> There is no *objective* truth to it. What truth there
> is, is intersubjective. In other words, it is very
> important that we think and act as if we believed each
> other to be conscious, because the most basic social
> functions depend upon it. But science will never
> find consciousness in the brain, because it doesn't
> reside there (or anywhere else). It is not a thing,
> nor a process, but a concept (meme) that has a part
> to play in human social functioning.
> Yes, folks, consciousness is a meme! :-)
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> Robin
Is that a dagger I see before me? How should I know? I'm not conscious! Joe