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brendan rainford (
Sat, 2 Jan 1999 00:54:06 -0800 (PST)

Yeah sorry your right, when I was writing that, I was going off the top of my head, I checked in PSYCHOLOGY IN HUMANS by Clarkson and its around 15-20% but there is great debate on how environment has an effect and in which areas.
As to bricking Nazi headquarters in Manchester, you come down here and watch them go 'paki' bashing (i.e. finding an Asian and beating him into hospital).
You tell me you would stand by and watch this. Watch them flypost racist posters on the wall in front of your house. I would not single out an individual of this party, but I sure will stand against the organisation that also incidently kill almost all my relatives over 60, and could potentally do it again (not kill all my relatives over 60 - they are already dead). Maybe it is wrong to brick the building but short of attacking them, what else can I do?

---sodom <> wrote:
> First off: You are gonna need a LOT of evidence to support that
claim of
> 5%! It sounds utterly preposterous. Even as a non-professional who
> out with kids alot - I am willing to bet good cold hard cash that
that is
> in error!
> Also - Racism is not a genetic trait. Though someone may be
predisposed to
> emotions that given the opportunity may become racism.
> Third: Throwing a brick at the NAZI Headquarters is bigotry too,
with a
> bit of violent hatred thrown in. You seem to be affected by the same
> emotional problems as the NAZIs you hate. Just manifested differently.
> Could this be affecting your fears?
> Although a similar person to Hitler may be possible, this person,
> genetically speaking, could instread be one of the greatest
painters, or
> excellent preacher, or perhaps a powerful writer. Hitler possessed all
> these skills.
> Bill Roh

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