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WFS Statement of purpose

Greater Boston Chapter of the World Future Society unites people interested in future studies living in Boston, Massachusetts, and its goal is to connect local futurists, organize interesting events, and entice the rest of Bostonians to look far ahead. We also maintain lists of Web resources of general futurist interest.

Futurist news and events

Alcor Life Extension conference, June 17-18, Northern California.
Recently, we created a WFS mailing list Please feel free to join and debate topics of serious futurist interest.

WFSGBC activities

For information on the next Boston Chapter meeting, please e-mail David Nelson.

References to Chapter members' Home Pages

So far, you can visit the Home page of Alexander Chislenko Alexander Chislenko, webmaster of this site.
If you are a Bostonian futurist and have a webpage, please tell us the URL of your page, and we will be happy to include it here.

Guide to other Futurist resources

Futurist Community Center Futurist Community Center
Global online community for futures research and social progress.

Thinker Great thinkers and visionaries on the Web
[IMAGE] Anders Transhuman Page
ExI Extropy Institute
WTA World Transhumanist Association
Progressive Life Awareness Network
Idea Futures Idea Futures
[IMAGE] Foresight Institute
NewCiv New Civilization Network
Transhumanist Art Center
Factasia - home of factasy, a futuristic meld of fact and fantasy heavily laced with philosophy and logic.
o Institute of Memetic Engineering
[IMAGE] Contemporary Renaissance Futures
o Signposts Timeline - predictions of human future for the next 600 years.
o New Paradigms Project
[IMAGE] Electronic Frontier Foundation
[IMAGE] Project Mind Foundation
[IMAGE] FringeWare Inc.
The Santa Fe InsituteThe Santa Fe Insitute
o Progress and its Sustainability by John McCarthy
Rate of Human problems - interesting grouping of dangers to human life by probability.
[IMAGE] The Vision Center for Futures Creation
[IMAGE] Seeker1's CyberAnthropology Page
[IMAGE] Libertarian Futurist Society
[IMAGE]Laboratoire du Futur
[IMAGE] Gopher resources on Futurology
oInformation Society
Global futures foundationGlobal Futures Homepage
oTechnology Futures Inc.
[IMAGE]Constructed Human Languages
[IMAGE]Island One Society - Space exploration
[IMAGE]Oceania - new country in development
[IMAGE]IEEE Society Reports on Emerging Technologies
oFuture Trends in Online Publishing
Emerging Technologies Research from FIND/SVP, Inc.
oDigitas. The Future Is Now. Emerging Technologies
o Novelty and Concrescence
3rd Millenium Russian Third Millenium Site
Howard RheingoldHoward Rheingold's Brainstorms: Tomorrow
[IMAGE]National Space Society
AeiveosAeiveos - research of causes of aging.
V2V2 foundation
21st Century online Magazine
Future Scenarious in HotWired
o The Venus Project - redesign of a culture for a sustainable future.
o International Futures Programme of the Organization for Economic and Co-Operative Development.
o The NAU Solar System Simulation - an educational role-playing 'virtual' laboratory in which students collaborate in building 'working models' of communities in a future Solar System.
o Air Force Final report 2025
o Adamantine Press - publisher of books on the cutting edge issues and ideas shaping all our tomorrows.


ocomp.society.futures -- Current articles on Dejanews
oalt.society.futures -- Current articles on Dejanews
oalt.extropians -- Current articles on Dejanews -- Current articles on Dejanews -- Current articles on Dejanews

Other Future-related resource guides:

Best mailing lists on technology, future, and alternative social institutions

Future Section in Open Internet Directory - please add your links!

Revelations of the Future Kind - extensive index of futurist links.

Factasia links on the future - another good index

Collection of Future links by Joel de Rosnay

Here are some past predictions of the future

Friendly futuristic websites Guestbook Discussion Participate

Mail Please send mail regarding organizational issues to Terrence O'Donnell or David Nelson.
Please send suggestions on the contents of this document to Alexander Chislenko

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